About Us


Occupying an old rope mill on the border of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire a stones throw from the river Thames you find a most enthusiastic group of craftsmen supplying a variety of almost forgotten skills.

  • Clanfield Coachbuilding have been restoring many a vintage car for customers as far away as Europe and USA to those just around the corner.

On the site at Little Clanfield there is nothing that can not be repaired or remade to bring these cherished vehicles back to their former glory.

Peter Baylis is a qualified cabinet maker with many years experience restoring antique furniture; combined with a fascination for old motor vehicles gives you the perfect environment in which to have your vehicle professionally restored.

  • We can cope with anything from rebuilding a trunk lid to a brand new frame, depending on the condition of your vehicle. There are cars around that have still got sound timber and just require some tightening up, there are others that have been devastated by rot and woodworm, these just offer a greater challenge.

Location We are always pleased to show people our work, if you are visiting from abroad we can accommodate you providing we have some notice beforehand. We are situated on the A4095 between Faringdon and Witney, for further instructions please contact us on 01367 810326

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